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I had the honor and the privilege to be invited to the Career Rockstars Podcast by Allisha Ali, PhD. See the links below.


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Meet Laurent Zecchinon, who has survived 3 job losses by practicing adaptability and decision making. Laurent specializes in transforming individuals and organizations through a systemic and personalized approach inspired by best-in-class practices in business, military, sports, and politics. Laurent holds a Ph.D. in Veterinary Sciences and 2 Masters from the University of Liege, Belgium. With more than 20 years of experience in multiple environments holding several different posts from Science teacher to Lab Manager to Project Manager, it will be interesting to unveil his career path, which was certainly not a linear one. Whether you're a Corporate Professional, Academic, or Entrepreneur, listen to find out what makes Laurent a Career Rockstar! In this episode, we discussed whether a Ph.D. is overrated, especially in today’s self-education movement. The dilemma of choosing a career path, is there a right one? What to consider when transitioning from full-time employee to Entrepreneur- financial security or freedom to operate, and other pros/cons. What it takes to survive being fired not once but thrice! Laurent also stresses the importance of starting to invest early in your personal and professional development for accelerated results in both your career and overall quality of life. And listen to the end for some amazing celebrities he has met on his journey… Thank you for listening and sharing your feedback and comments!

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Recommended books:

Good to Great by Jim Collins; Team of Teams by Stanley McChrystal

About your Host: Allisha Ali, Ph.D. is the Founder and Director of UniqueYou Careers srl, Belgium. Allisha works with individuals as a Career and Leadership Growth Coach. She'll empower you to Be more, Lead more, and to Live more- to become a Career Rockstar. "Always Ready For Your Next Career Move" Allisha also offers consultancy, training, and coaching services to Companies focussing on “Engagement-Driven Performance”. Her scientifically supported methodology alters individual and team performance through rapid cost-effective, and enduring employee engagement and work culture solutions.

Let's have a chat if you want to know more on how to hack your resilience or any other aspect of your lifestyle or your business.

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