Updated: Mar 13

Our habits impact our life on a daily basis. Healthy habits lead therefore to a healthy life. Even though it is not always easy to follow a great daily routine, it brings a lot of value to define and follow at least a minimalist version. Read this post to learn why.

Our habits define our life. Healthy habits, healthy life. Fulfilling habits, fulfilling life, etc.

Defining our perfect routine is a critical factor to support the transformation we are aiming for. A biohacker routine will thus include a variety of habits related to nutrition, breathing techniques, training, mindset, productivity, and so on.

For busy people, i.e. most of us, it is therefore not always easy to follow our perfect routine as we can lack time, motivation, discipline... or a mix of them.

The main interest of defining a minimalist routine is to stay in a positive dynamic no matter what, and to deviate as little as possible from our ideal routine. Having this feeling of being active in spite of everything will guarantee you the minimum dose of pleasure and pride necessary for your well-being.

The minimalist routine that will suit you will be, for example, to perform a sun salutation in the morning, drink at least 1 liter of water during the day, perform a few minutes of cardiac coherence, etc.

If you wish to define and implement both an optimal routine and its minimalist version, let's discuss it together quickly.

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